About the Connell Memorial Herbarium


The herbarium is a critical resource for people interested in New Brunswick's flora. Taxonomists, evolutionary and conservation biologists, botanical and environmental consultants and ecologists rely upon the herbarium for identification of plants and documentation of their variation, distribution, ecology and interactions with insects and diseases. It is essential for scientific research that voucher specimens are safely and permanently stored in herbaria and be accessible for loans to researchers from around the globe. An increasing effort is being put into making the resources available online through high quality digital reproductions.

Note: The Herbarium's database may contain specimens and historical records that are culturally sensitive or include offensive language.  These records do not reflect the Herbarium's current viewpoint but the social attitudes and circumstances of the time period when the specimens were collected.

Mission Statement

The mission of the Connell Memorial Herbarium is to house correctly identified, representative, scientific specimens, primarily of the vascular plant flora of New Brunswick and algae from around the world. Toward this mission the specimens must be maintained in good condition, arranged in an orderly fashion, and be accessible to the public. The herbarium is a research and teaching facility and serves as an official repository for specimens of endangered and threatened New Brunswick plants.

Noted Collections

  • James Robb (1838 )
  • Loring Woart Bailey
  • Rev. James Fowler
  • Phillip Cox
  • E.O. Hagmeier
  • Patricia Roberts - Pichette
  • Katherine Connell
  • G.C. Cunningham
  • Flora of Wolf Island, A.Hodgdon and R. Pike
  • Rare and endangered plants of New Brunswick
  • Canadian Arctic, A.R.A.Taylor, R. Wein and G. Forbes
  • Newfoundland, Uno Paim
  • H.R. Hinds

History of the Connell Memorial Herbarium
Facilities and Guidelines for Use