Order Flora of New Brunswick

Cover of Flora of NB

The Flora of New Brunswick is available for purchase ($25) from the Biology Department, University of New Brunswick, Fredericton (27 Bailey Hall, T: 506 453-4582 F: 506 453-3583) or you may download and send in the Order Form with a cheque.

In addition to providing a key to the vascular plants found in New Brunswick, the Flora contains :

  • the translation of the generic names
  • Mi'kmaq and Malaseet names of plants
  • up-to-date scientific names and synonyms
  • a glossary and comprehensive index 
  • illustrations and maps
  • symbols and information about toxic and medicinal, rare and endangered plants and other plant lore
  • lists of plants to look for in our neighboring state and provinces
  • a tabulated breakdown of the various groups of plants
  • a comprehensive bibliography
  • a history of plant collecting in New Brunswick by C.M.Young
  • a section contributed by Stephen Clayden, Curator of Botany at the New Brunswick Museum, on the history, physical setting and regional variation of the flora.

The "Addenda and Errata for the Flora of New Brunswick, Second Edition, 2000" is available for download in pdf format.


New Brunswick Wildflowers Colouring Book by E. Mills ($25). A fun way to learn about the wildflowers you see through the seasons in New Brunswick!  Contact plants@unb.ca for more information.